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Subscribe to evening classes SLOO (pig) by Heike Langsdorf (29.09.20)

This academic year, Heike Langsdorf will teach evening classes SLOO (pig) that are also open for staff of KASK & Conservatorium and HOGENT (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ghent). The extracurricular evening classes SLOO (pig) [block 1] will start on October 1, 2020 in the large studio of Tramzwart, the spaces of the performance department (take doors on the right at the end of the Hortagang in the Paulibuidling, then first door left).

These 120-minute evening classes are open to anyone interested in "group practicing”: In addition to doing physical exercises for a little hour, which serves to ensure that we are both
physically and mentally present — tuned —, there is another little hour where we work with scores that allow us to become creators and participants of ever different situations that we create ourselves.


The content of the evening classes is processing in blocks of 6 weeks.
These start on Oct 1, Nov 5, Feb 2, March 16.
Participants are therefore asked to register for a block or several blocks of 6 weeks and only if they can actually be there. Send a mail to if you want to participate.


  • curiosity about your/self and other/s
  • clothes with which you can move freely
  • material to make notes


If we need to change the status of the campusses to organge or red, the classes will be taught online. 

SLOO will be happening via ZOOM.
>>> you will find the link here:
We come together at 18:00 for an introduction of max 30 min.
You can than work with a task for a little hour that I will propose or continue working with Heike ‘onscreen’.
At 19:30 we will gather in order to round up.


  • Sem 1: Every Thursday 18:00 - 20:00 — sharp!
    Capacity: 15 participants
  • Sem 2: Every Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00 — sharp!
    Capacity: maybe more than 15 participants
  • Register before October 1 or show up on October 1.