Digital Design & Development (Devine)

Digital Design & Development (Devine)has been one of the areas of study in the Multimedia & Communication Technology department at Howest, but as from 2019 it continues as a complete bachelor study programme of KASK & Conservatorium, the School of Arts of HOGENT and Howest.

NEW: From 2020, you will be able to follow the full bachelor’s programme in digital design and development in English as well as in Dutch. Read more in the prospective student guide.

In a world that is changing at such a rapid pace, the future may be hard to predict, but we anticipate outcomes that are in the midst of exciting development. Our professional Digital Design & Development (or Devine for short) bachelor programme, we train students who are discovering their paths in tomorrow's digital world.

As a Deviner, you use design, devlopment and research skills to shape both today's and tomorrow's online experiences. You are an integral part of the creative sector: a worldwide, digital, innovative and leading subculture.

The Deviner is passionate about our constantly changing, connected world. As a digital creator, you investigate how services or products can be improved. A Deviner brings change with innovations that make life more pleasant, more restful, simpler, or perhaps indeed more exciting. User experience is always central, forming the basis for decisions made during the design and development process. An exploring and creative attitude and approach on the part of students is essential. Problem-solving abilities are crucial, and digital technology is a means of finding answers. In this context, design is not just a matter of graphic design, but it is a way of thinking, whereby solutions are sought, investigated, developed and communicated.

The Digital Design & Development programme includes classical lectures, practical classes and integration projects. The three pillars of the study are Research, Design and Development, all of which come together in these integration projects. Over the course of the three-year study, these projects become increasingly more realistic, challenging and complex. In your second year, you will travel to the Netherlands, where you will develop a challenging project together with students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam). In your final year, you will focus on multidisciplinary projects concerning such poignant themes as mobility, unemployment or immigration. You will select a specialization and become an expert in research, design or development. You will refine your Devine skills and work on your bachelor thesis project together with students from the different specializations. You will complete your study with a work-study apprenticeship project in the field. You will be working for three months at one of the top companies of the creative digital sector, in Belgium and/or internationally.

In this up-and-coming sector, Devine is the reference point for top talent. After graduating, you will immediately begin your career as an Experience Designer, Front-end Developer, Interaction Designer, Motion Designer, Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer, or simply put, a professional Deviner. This unique profile means that high demand for Deviners ensures employment security. Every day, our alumni help form our digital lives by working in the public sector, with non-profits or in the commercial sector. Deviners investigate crucial problems and issues (health, mobility, energy, welfare, climate, education and so on) and work on highly evolved digital solutions that offer added value for organizations and individuals. The development of these solutions contributes to a sustainable society for both today's and future generations.

The Digital Design & Development bachelor programme is housed at the Buda campus in Courtrai.