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Trui Hanoulle

Trui Hanoulle

Trui Hanoulle, #enwiebenjij

Trui Hanoulle, #enwiebenjij

Educational master in arts

  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Visual and Audiovisual Arts

Are you dynamic and filled with enthusiasm to share, to take others along with you in the world of artistic development and creation? Would you like to be an important link in the further development of education in the visual or stage arts in Flanders? If so, the Master in Education is for you!

At KASK & Royal Conservatory, the academically orientated Educational Master in Arts programme is organized in two segments. There is an initial master’s programme consisting of 120 study points, available to those holding bachelor degrees in audiovisual or visual arts, drama or music. Additionally, there is a shortened trajectory of 60 study points, available to those who hold a master’s degree in audiovisual or visual arts, drama or music.

As an artist and as a future educator in the arts, the trajectory you follow will be a personal one. This requires an exceptional pedagogical approach, in which support, direction and individual guidance go hand-in-hand with the allocation of personal freedom and autonomy. A range of different approaches ensures a training in art education that is also entirely your own. These specific accents are essential in ensuring further growth and excellence once the study has been completed.

Practice is central. You will independently investigate how the artistic and educational components relate to one another. The practical experience in education consists of guided practical exercises in the working field, or with working practice as a starting point, and work-study experience (apprenticeship). Your work-study experience will be in part-time art education, specialized secondary school art education or secondary education. The programme moreover acquaints you with professional opportunities beyond compulsory part-time art education. The focus on the social and artistic, as well as on the field of art education, offers a wide range of experience in the field, which becomes concrete in distinct work-study projects. In this way, the programme meets specific demand for pedagogically grounded artists who are active in diverse segments of society, including museum educational programmes, cultural centres and welfare services.

The educational master programme aims to be an open place whose cornerstones are cross- trans- and interdisciplinary working and learning. By way of diverse didactic methods that stimulate collaboration and informal learning, you, as an educator in the 21st century, will be prepared to create powerful artistic learning environments. In parallel to actual educational and artistic practice, we also promote reciprocity and collaboration with other students within and across disciplines. Through intrinsic interaction and based on a collaborative educational atmosphere and culture, students from all of our art and design programmes can enrich themselves through the presence of one another.

In the educational master programme, a pedagogical approach, self-reflection and an investigative attitude are all consciously at the forefront, with the objective of also optimizing one's personal educational and artistic practices. As an art teacher, you learn to evaluate qualitatively while keeping an eye on artistic output, because that also reinforces individual learning processes.

Achieving quality in arts education presumes space for great individuality. The educational master in arts programme is aimed at ‘authentic art education’, which implies that education is only productive when it fits the world in which the student lives, as well as actual professional arts practice: teaching is more than simply complementary to the artistic practice. With expression, experimentation and enthusiasm for your own artistic discipline, you will learn to pass on your love for your chosen profession.