Bachelor and master Visual Arts > Graphic design > Illustration

The practice of illustration is approached from various domains, stimulating students to integrate this input in an individual artistic practice with its own specific profile and orientation within the field of the graphic arts.

This profession is founded on a broad conception of graphic visual narrative, and aims towards the development of techniques, research and working methods within the broad cluster of word, image and story. Illustration should enrich the text or content to which it relates, and the publications medium in which it is incorporated, with an individual artistic practice with its own profile and orientation.

For students, illustration is for those who are at home in the interplay of investigation, adaptation and deviation, and who have an artistic response to the specific conditions of each presupposed form of publication (classic illustration, graphic novels, print collections, photographic novels, cartoons, narrative series, visual poetry, infographics, illustrations in digital applications, etc.).

Students build on their artistic and communication skills and are stimulated towards an identification as an investigative author whose illustration can be enriched by highly creative personal involvement. In this way, their own illustration practice is situated in relationship to literature and evolves according to an individual artistic creation in the form of authorship. Students learn to analyze their work and place it within the wider graphic context.