Finished a Masters in Music but still looking to enhance your skills and to have vistas opened up? Our postgraduate programme Musical Performance Practice shares just such an urge for excellence.

As a performing musician (individual or ensemble), you have the opportunity to devote a year to a clearly defined artistic research project, under the guidance of one or more of the faculty at the Ghent Conservatory. These instructors are specialists in performance practice, musicologists and Masters in the Arts.

By means of a well defined research project your focus on the interpretation and performance practice of old or new music. You specialize in the development and testing of new performance methods, based on historic, musicological and personal artistic investigation. In addition to conducting your own artistic research project, as part of the Arts in Practice segment of the programme, you are thoroughly active in the world of the performing arts. Here, the Ghent School of Arts helps bring you in contact with its extensive network of professional partners. Finally, you will place your own research in a wider perspective by taking part in specific, focused investigation.

Already professionally engaged? No worries. Our slim but intenstive programme can be elegantly combined with professional activities.

To enroll you need to hold a Masters in Music and take part in an orientation exam, that consists of two parts: a short audition (recital), which allows a commitee of experts to verify wheter orn ot you have the right instrumental or vocal skills, and an informal talk in which you outline your research project.

Contact: Karen Van Petegem (study and learning path coach)