Finished a Masters in Music but still looking to enhance your skills? Our postgraduate programme Soloist Classical Music shares just such an urge for excellence.

As a performing musician you will engage more deeply in a specific segment of the solo repertoire. A pared-down study programme, revolving around the three cornerstones of Skills, Network and Exposure, will help you improve the technical and interpretive aspects of your performance. The focus of the study is on the development of practice, tutored by a faculty member at the Ghent Conservatory whom you yourself have chosen. Furthermore, the Ghent School of Arts will put you in contact with an extensive network of professional partners. Finally, you further develop critical, reflective abilities concerning your own musical practice, as well as that of others.

Already professionally engaged? No worries. Our slim but intenstive programme can be elegantly combined with professional activities.

To enroll you need to hold a Masters in Music and take part in an orientation exam, that consists of two parts: a short audition (recital), which allows a commitee of experts to verify wheter orn ot you have the right instrumental or vocal skills, and an informal talk in which you outline your choice of repertoire.

Contact: Karen Van Petegem (study and learning path coach)