Teacher certification in the arts

Are you a dynamic person brimming with enthusiasm to show others around in a world of artistic development and creativity? Do you want to play a crucial part in the further development of art education and the performing arts in Flanders? Then this programme is just the thing for you. It offers an individually composed curriculum with plenty of attention to each student’s specific needs and to the demands of the art world.

The teacher-training programme places an important emphasis on competency-based education in which theory and practice are intricately linked. Social and philosophical aspects of the arts, art didactics and teaching methodology are the central focuses of the programme. Autonomous learning and learner’s responsibility are also adequately discussed. The programme is in part demand-driven, meaning you can add your own emphases within the competencies described in the learning outcomes. In consultation with your lecturers you will draw up a personal development plan that is evaluated and adjusted if necessary at specified times in the course of the year. This requires you to keep a portfolio during your training. Reflection and communication about the practice of teaching and your expertise as a teacher are connecting threads throughout the programme.

The practical part of the programme consists of coached exercises in the field or with the professional practice as a starting point, and placements in part-time art education, secondary art education and general secondary education. In addition to this, the programme also introduces you to professional opportunities outside the sphere of regular and part-time art education, in the wider field of social-artistic work and art education. This feature, which makes the programme unique, is made concrete in separate internships. It makes the programme meet a specific need for pedagogically qualified artists, as expressed in various professional environments such as educational departments of museums, arts centres and public welfare services.

The teacher certification programme in the arts offers four options to match the master programme of your choice: visual arts, music, drama, and audio-visual arts. In the visual arts, drama, and audio-visual arts programmes, you can take up the teacher training after attaining your master’s degree (fulltime in one year, or part-time and spread over several years), but also simultaneously with the master programme. Being enrolled in an academic master programme already allows you to get started. This offers you the opportunity to combine a part-time master curriculum with the part-time teacher-training programme. Your certificate, however, can only be awarded after your graduation in the master programme.

The music programme adds a third option, in which you can take up 30 ECTS credits of the teacher-training programme in your master’s curriculum. Note that there are then another 30 credits remaining to be gained in order to finish your teacher training.