KASK & Conservatory is an art university college with programmes in the visual arts, design, audiovisual arts, drama and music. We think it is important to work in an interdisciplinary manner. The various study programmes allow a student to follow a major and to choose a different discipline as a minor. Exchange students are offered the same opportunity. Discuss with the instructors in your own institution which classes would be relevant to your curriculum. The internationalisation department can also help you with your final study programme once you have arrived.

To submit your application to our school, you must do the following:

STEP 1: Apply online

STEP 2: Gather the following documents:

  • your CV
  • report card of the last year you finished
  • an initial proposal for a learning agreement
  • a letter of motivation
  • for KASK: your portfolio (link to a website, digital pdf, CD, DVD, paper, etc.)
  • for the conservatory: a music recording on DVD or link to youtube etc.

STEP 3: Send all the required documents together with your portfolio or music recording to:

att. Els Moens
J. Kluyskensstraat 2
B-9000 Ghent


1st semester and full academic year:

  • music: 1 April
  • other programmes: 15 May

2nd semester: 30 October

Incoming students

KASK & Conservatory is an international campus. The English-language master’s degree programmes ensure an influx of students from around the world. Moreover, our school is part of the Erasmus University Charter Network. Every year tens of exchange students from Europe study here. We also have a bilateral agreement with Kanazawa College in Kanazawa, Japan so we can invite a few Japanese students to complete part of their studies at our school every year.