Frequently asked questions

What is the Erasmus code of KASK and Conservatory?

Erasmus Code: B GENT 25

What is the address of the student administration of KASK and Conservatory?

Address: Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, B-9000 Ghent
Telephone: +32 9 2670100

Who should I get in touch with concerning questions about international exchange?

Els Moens
+32 9 266 08 95

Do I need to speak Dutch?

Bachelors are taught in Dutch, though some classes can be attended in English (notably invidually coached courses). Masters exist both in Dutch and English.

Where can i take a course in Dutch?

You have the option between EILC crash courses or the Dutch Language Course, which teaches our language during a whole semester.

Where can i find timetables and academic calendars?

Check out timetables and calendars here

What are the deadlines to register as a prospect exchange student (incoming students)?

Fall semester: 15 May
Spring semester: 31 October

How can I find a student room?

Hogent offers student rooms at €250/month (signal this on your registration form, check out  Private rooms from €300 and up can be found on the following websites:

What are my transport options to and in Ghent?

Nearby airports: Brussels National Airport (60km), Lille Aeroport (France) (60km)
Trainstations: Gent-Sint-Pieters and Gent-Dampoort (check out
Trams and buses:
Moving around by bike is by far the fastest, easiest and most ecological option to get anywhere in the city.

Which extra costs can I expect during my stay in Ghent?

Monthly expenses: about €450 (rent excluded)
Healt insurance: we advice students to arrive with a European Health Insurance Card.
Public transport: Buzzy pass (-25 y) for all trams and buses: €65/3 months or Omni pass (+25 y): €85/3 months

Incoming students

KASK & Conservatory is an international campus. The English-language master’s degree programmes ensure an influx of students from around the world. Moreover, our school is part of the Erasmus University Charter Network. Every year tens of exchange students from Europe study here. We also have a bilateral agreement with Kanazawa College in Kanazawa, Japan so we can invite a few Japanese students to complete part of their studies at our school every year.