Voorstelling van InMICS op Film Fest Gent

Voorstelling van InMICS op Film Fest Gent

Poster for the L'Internationale lecture series

Poster for the L'Internationale lecture series

International projects


ICSS is a strategic partnership, which aim is to develop a joint programme in music composition for audiovisual media entitled InMICS (International Master in Composition for Screen). It is funded with support from the Erasmus+ programme for a three year period (from September 2014 to August 2017). This partnership is composed of 4 Higher Education institutions known for their expertise in music composition for audiovisual media and 4 professional partners specialized in the film industry and showing a great interest in music creation: CNSMD de Lyon, Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini Bologna, KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Gent, Faculté de Musique Université de Montréal, Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, FilmFest Gent, Permission Inc. Montréal

The ICSS strategic partnership responds to various growing needs in the field of music composition for audiovisual media, which faces a great expansion nowadays.
The final outcome of the project is to develop a 2nd cycle joint programme, giving forthcoming students the chance to improve their skills and share their talents in an international environment. The academic curriculum we intend to launch is aimed at international students wishing to develop a career in music composition for audiovisual media. Students will be able to take advantage of the excellent know-how, experiences and expertise of the 8 partners involved in the project, balancing the contribution of both educational and professional structures.

Besides the development of this new academic programme, the partners will lead a study on the links existing between musicians and audiovisual artists and also between Higher Education institutions and professional structures regarding music composition for audiovisual media.

The first group of InMICS students is expected to start in 2018.


During the past year A Prior Magazine and KASK collaborated with L’internationale, a transinstitutional umbrella organization of six prominent European museums, several artist archives and educational institutions. The European Union granted 2,5 million euro to this confederation for a 5 year programma called The Uses of Art, which will result in a new, sustainable, long term model for European museums.

In the context of the confederation an online platform was launched. With KASK as a coordinator L’Internationale Online publishes commissioned speculative texts, research and artistic projects that draw from the work and collections of the confederation on a monthly basis. The platform is organised into four research fields: Politics of Life and Death, Decolonising Practices, Real Democracy and Alter Institutionality. A lively discussion is instigated in the Opinion section, to which a group of invited bloggers contributes. L'Internationale Online has the specific function to present the topics addressed in the various activities of L'Internationale in relation to one another, and The Uses of Art programme. It is a place where both differences and commonalities can appear and be debated.

Congo.Music@Vlaanderen (finished 2011-2013)

The project Congo.Music@Vlaanderen is a collaboration between KASK & Conservatory, vzw Muzikon and the Institut National des Arts Kinshasa (INA). The aim is a mutual development education via regular instructor and student exchanges. The abundance and diversity of Congolese musical cultures and the artistic creativity in Flanders melt into one artistic project. The instructors and musicians of the INA inspire our teachers and students departing from specific Congolese musical traditions and initiate them in those traditions. On the other hand, the exchanges contribute to the advanced education of the Congolese instructors and to an increase in capacity of the INA. The partner organisations are convinced of the importance of culture in sustainable development.