Tips & tricks

Attend the info sessions

Every year KASK & Conservatory organise an info session full of interesting information. The exact date will be announced via the website and the internal newsletter.


What should you do if your luggage gets stolen? What if you have to return home quickly? Don’t worry; you do not leave without a HoGent insurance. You can find more information on

Language issues

EILC (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses) offer the opportunity to take intensive language courses on location that last several weeks so that you are able to successfully complete your studies in a foreign language. EILC are not offered in English, French, Spanish or German. EILC are not required, but can be part of your study programme and can result in a few credits. You can find more information on the EILC website.

Post your student room on Facebook

What to do with your student room while you are abroad for a few months? Perhaps an exchange student who plans on studying at KASK & Conservatory would be interested in using it. Give the information to the mobility coordinator (Els Moens) at KASK & Conservatory. He or she will explain the steps you need to follow and provide the forms for subletting your student room legally. Post your student room in HoGent’s Facebook group for incoming exchange students.

Going abroad during your studies

Gaining international experience within your study programme is easy at KASK & Conservatory. Since the art field is pre-eminently international, we have an excellent international network with partner institutions and organisations that can help you find your bearings on your artistic path.

During your studies at KASK & Conservatory you can study abroad for a semester or an entire year. The easiest and most accessible way to do this is via the Erasmus+ programme. You can choose from a list of approved partner institutions. In addition, KASK & Conservatory have several bilateral agreements with institutes outside Europe. Another option to gain some international experience is to carry out a work placement abroad.