A Prior

A Prior Magazine is a series of publications on contemporary art. The magazine is published by vzw Mark and KASK and distributed all over the world in specialized art bookstores and museum shops. From the outset, it has been the magazine’s aim to emphasize close collaboration with artists and authors and to create unique moments and documents, so as to bring forward the depth and breadth of artistic practice, rather than publishing short reviews or brief descriptive articles. The publication has continued to expand its focus internationally, even if attention for ‘local’ artists (living and working in the Low Countries) always remains part of its focus.

As from 2013 on A Prior will be one of the partners in L’internationale, a transinstitutional organization. In light of this new challenge, A Prior Magazine will now be published online with only one printed edition every year. It will focus on the project Uses of Art and continue to work closely with artists and writers from all over the world as it has done over the past twelve years.

  • A prior magazine #23: 23 Skidoo

    A Prior Magazine #23, titled 23 Skidoo, was largely inspired by the personality and the oeuvre of Tino Sehgal, an artist A Prior closely followed for more than a year. Sehgal’s works These Associations (Turbine Hall, Tate Modern) and This Variation (dOCUMENTA (13)) are key works in the context of this issue. 23 Skidoo also introduces work of Anne Daems and Kenneth Andrew Mroczek that made the front cover.

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    • Language: EN
    • Publisher: vzw Mark (A Prior Magazine), School of Arts
    • Date of publication: 2013
    • Selling price: 20 euro