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Lending services

Various lending services offering technical equipment are spread around the campuses and buildings of KASK & Conservatorium. They were established to support the students when working on assignments and projects and to support the educational, research and cultural activities of the school of arts.

Students, instructors and researchers can lend a wide variety of equipment ranging from basic equipment (e.g. simple projectors) to extremely specialised equipment (e.g. professional cameras).

The catalogue of the lending services can be consulted online on uitleendienst.schoolofarts.be. You simply log in with your standard HOGENT details, just like when logging into Chamilo and webmail. You can send a lending request online. The manager of the lending service will consider your request and notify you quickly.


At the film lending service, you can reserve material using this form.

Opening hours: Mo – Fr 11:30 – 14:30.

Printing options

Students and staff members can use diverse printing equipment (including large format printers). Payment is arranged via the payment system using a student card or staff card.

The procedure for printing is listed on Chamilo. You can add credit to your student card on epurse.hogent.be

Copy machines and printers are spread around the campuses. Some studios also have a large format printer.