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bachelor + master music
graduating option performing music, study paths jazz/pop and classical music
graduating option composing music, study paths composition and music production
graduating option, instrumentenbouw
3 + 2 years

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Located in the vibrant city of Ghent, labeled as UNESCO City of Music, the music department of KASK & Conservatory is in a privileged position to educate skillful and inspiring performing and creating musicians and instrument makers.

Our approach focuses on three layers of musicianship: the artistic practice, the performance practice and presentation, and community engagement.

Artistic practice. Making music is at the very heart of our education program. Whether the students’ major discipline is creating, performing or producing classical music, pop, jazz, making musical instruments, or any combination of these disciplines, technical skills (instrumental technique, soft- and hardware, craftmanship) and creative skills (composition, improvisation, design) are of the utmost importance, supported by solid theoretical foundations (music theory, human and natural sciences). In addition to the skill set, we cultivate the so-called curating mindset: a prosperous artistic practice requires a researching mind, continual critical reflection, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Performance practice and presentation. Making music requires playing together, with or in front of an audience. Even when a student is pursuing a solo career, we believe that musical collaboration in various contexts is key. To this end we offer and stimulate various ensemble practices, e.g. (big)band, chamber ensemble, choir, studio recording sessions, orchestra, creative labs and interdisciplinary collectives. Students need to be able to present often and have their work confronted with peers and audiences, from experimental creations in the safe environment of the school’s premises, over musical instrument exhibitions and try-outs, to official concerts in public venues on and off campus.

Community engagement. Making music is a relational practice, where a musician as well as a musical instrument maker connects with a complex and intertwined ecosystem of colleagues, stakeholders, and audiences. Throughout our education program, we underscore and facilitate networking in expanding circles: from self-care and self-reliance, over creating collaborative networks with other artists and cultural organizations, up to a critical and socially engaged attitude to the global world we live in.

Quality assurance

The Music Programme delivered by KASK & Conservatorium has been reviewed in 2022 according to the internationally recognised standards of MusiQuE.



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