bachelor + master visual arts, graduating option fine arts
study paths bachelor performancedrawing, media art, installationpaintingsculpture
3 + 1 year


The media art major focuses on technological experiences in our society. Surely the emergence of new technologies and products is changing our way of expression and communication. How we learn, perceive and interact with the world. The artistic result does not need to be virtual, programmable or digital – we are looking for openings or contradictions between new and old media, virtual and physical, concept and matter… We do believe that technology can have a activating effect as those analogue, mechanical or digital tools offer new artistic playgrounds. We also pay great attention to video art, artists’ films and sound art.

From the first bachelor year on the emphasis is placed on individual conceptualization and elaboration of themes, stimulated by critical questioning, theoretical and practical reflection. We follow-up on the stages of the creative process, driven by your personal and artistic development. Dealing with and managing new and old techniques and media is a second important element of the study programme. Students are introduced to photography, video, sound, web techniques and programming of interactive audiovisual and generative systems, in order to acquire new skills and knowledge in the context of their creative process. Those introductions are always explained within an art-historical and social context.

The second and third bachelor year focus on the problems as well as the enormous freedom that goes along with the use of technology within an artistic process. Students develop their personal track by attending individual coaching sessions, collective show moments and group discussions about how his work relates to contemporary technology, general visual culture and art. The media art studio consists of specialised work spaces that are part of a larger workshop. We offer facilities to work with video editing, 3D, game design, VR and sound. The studio also houses two research labs: Formlab (for digital fabrication) and Laboratorium (an experimental lab).

Media art has cooperations with KASKcinema, Art Cinema OFFOff, Courtisane, Cinematek, Auguste Orts, Vooruit, Netwerk, Kraak, Nerdlab, iMal,…

Fine Arts focuses on future artists who want to start their own practice. Graduates can work in a wide range of fields as they have acquired a wide range of basic techniques in audiovisual and digital media. This allows them to work in museums, as artists’ assistants, in the performing arts and in specialised branches of the creative sector.


Rebecca Jane Arthur
Anouk De Clercq
Jasper Rigole

Hendrik Leper
Jerry Galle
Laura Nsengiyumva

Fairuz Ghammam
Joost Rekveld
Pieter-Paul Mortier



APR 23, 2023 / 10:00 – 17:00


JUN 24, 2023 / 09:30 – 12:30
SEP 02, 2023 / 09:30 – 12:30

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If you want to enrol for an academic Bachelor of Visual Arts, you first have to pass an artistic admission test. To enter the master’s programme, you take part in an orientation test. These are organised several times per academic year. 


  1. Check the admission requirements.
  2. Bachelor: check the contents of the admission test (in Dutch).
    Master: check the application guidelines for fine arts.
  3. Register for an admission test or orientation test via webreg.hogent.be.
  4. Take part in the test.
  5. After passing the test, you can complete your enrolment online.

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Gaja Petrauskaite over mediakunst

Welkom in het atelier
Thomas Willemen

Gaja Petrauskaite, student 1e bachelor

Sacha Verleyen, student 3e bachelor
Aron Machiels
Henry andersen
Elias Heunick