Educational master in music and performing arts
2 years – initial study path music
1 year – abbreviated study path
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Are you full of dynamism and enthusiasm for guiding interested people into a world of artistic development and creation? Do you want to be an important link in the further development of arts education and the performing arts landscape in Flanders? If so, the educational master is definitely for you! At KASK & Conservatorium, this academically oriented master in art education is organized in two ways. On the one hand, it is an initial graduate level course of 120 credits, available to holders of a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual arts, visual arts, drama or music. On the other hand, it can be followed as an abbreviated study path of 60 credits, accessible to those holding a master’s degree in audiovisual arts, visual arts, drama or music.

Two paths

As an artist and future teacher of the arts, you are offered a personal trajectory. This requires an exceptional pedagogy in which support, guidance and individual coaching go hand in hand with allowing freedom and autonomy. Diverse perspectives provide a broad framework from which to shape your own ongoing (art) education. These individual emphases are necessary for you to continue to grow and excel well after completing your studies. You autonomously investigate how artistic and educational components relate to each other.

Practice is key

Education practice consists of guided practical exercises in the working field or with working practice as a starting point, and an internship. Your internship is in part-time art education, secondary art education or secondary education systems. The programme also introduces you to professional possibilities beyond compulsory and part-time art education. Emphasis on the socio-artistic and art education offers you a wide range of experiences in the field, made concrete in separate internship projects. In this way, this programme meets the demand for pedagogically grounded artists who are active in diverse segments of society, such as educational programmes in museums, cultural centres or public welfare.

The master in art education programme aims to be an open environment built on interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary working and learning. By way of various didactic working methods that stimulate cooperation and informal learning, as a 21st-century art teacher, you will be prepared to create powerful artistic learning environments.

We also promote reciprocity and cooperation with other students within and across disciplines, consistent with educational and artistic practice. Through interaction in terms of content, and on the basis of a shared educational culture, students from all our art and environment programmes are enriched through one another’s presence and input. In the educational master programme, conscious pedagogical action, self-reflection and an investigative attitude come to the fore, with the aim of continuously optimizing one’s own educational practice and artistic performance.

As an art teacher, you learn to evaluate quality and monitor artistic output, as this also strengthens individual learning processes. Our educational master programme focuses on ‘authentic art education’, which means that education becomes meaningful only when it connects to both the student’s world and current professional art practice. Using expression, experimentation and your enthusiasm for your own artistic discipline, you learn to pass on your love for your profession.

Study paths




Ines Beert
Willem Breynaert
An De Bisschop
Joân De Bruycker
Karin De Fleyt
Joris Devos
Lynn Devos
Ilse Duyck
Marc Godfroid

Alec Langrange
Dirk Lievens
Wim Konink
Sarah Peire
Mirella Ruigrok
Johan Sabbe
Ann Saelens
Jozef Sercu
Daeninck Scheerlinck

Daeninck Scheerlinck
Arvid Steyaert
Toon Van Dionant
Karen Van Petegem
Joost Vanmaele
Petra Vermote
Jan Vuye
& teachers from the artistic path of your choice



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The application process for the educational master’s programmes differs depending on the diploma you obtained earlier and whether you opt for an initial or shortened track.


  1. You obtained a master’s degree in arts.
  1. Check the admission requirements.
  2. Register via webreg.hogent.be.
  3. Complete your enrolment online.

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You obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at KASK & Conservatorium? You can choose the educational master when you confirm re-enrolment or you can contact the study and learning track counsellor of your programme.

Have you obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the arts elsewhere? You have to participate in an orientation test of the study programme of your choice. The tests are organised several times per academic year. View the dates and application guidelines here.

  1. Check the admission requirements.
  2. Register for an orientation test via webreg.hogent.be.
  3. Take part in the test.
  4. After passing the test, you can complete your enrolment online.

Do you have a question? Contact the student’s office.


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educational master in music and performing arts


 Trailer van de Voorstelling “Avanti”, een productie van Villa Voortman waarbij studente Ellen Wils de zangcoaching op zich nam als sociaal-artistieke stage.