postgraduate Digital Storytelling (i.c.w. Chase)
1 year
English taught


The English taught postgraduate Digital Storytelling is a programme aimed at storytellers with a fascination for internet culture and online creativity. Creatives who want to explore in audio, video, photo and text what the internet has to offer for storytellers. Telling stories on social media is the key part: think vlogging, blogging, social video, podcasting and socialphotography. Next to that, we also dive deeper into concepts like transmedia, crossmedia, storytools, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence and experiment with those emerging technologies.

Anyone who considers theirself a creator and who wants to tell better online stories, can apply. The programme is open to all students who are in the possession of a bachelor or master diploma. If you already have experience in making photo, video, text or audio, that’s a nice to have. But it’s no must have. In weekly studio exercises, you’ll get the hang of it. After registering and sending in your motivation, you have a talk with the program’s cošrdinator todiscuss your ideas and your work. If the talk is positive, you can start the program.

This postgraduate programme will help you refine your skills in storytelling, in finding and reaching an online audience, and sharpen your digital proficiencies. You will be trained and inspired to create and spread your story using the newest media tools, such as VR & 360,social video, live video, social photography, longreads, blogs, podcasts, vlogs, etc…

The programme takes up a single academic year and consists of 39 ECTS credit points, divided over five training modules:

The first three combine lectures with practical assignments that you work on during studio time. The last two comprise extremely useful and extensive practical assignments: under the guidance of a tutor, you will develop a project that provides an answer to a realistic issue that can come from any number of societal sectors. Individually or in a small group, you will intern in Belgium or antoher country. Finally, you will develop your own personal graduation project under the guidance of professional media coaches.

Classes take place Monday and Wednesday evenings from October till March. From then on you continue working on your graduation project and you do an internship. On Thursdays you work together with other students from October till the end of the year. Every week there are assignments that equal a day’s work more or less. During the year there are no less than 5 of these. The tuition fee is 3450 euro (to be confirmed).

The programme is taught in English. There’s an online motivational talk and an intake. There is a high demand for professional digital storytellers, which comes as no surprise, as stories are perfectly suited to conveying a message. This is a highly practical training. Having completed it, you are ready for the creative digital media sector. It will not take long before every company will be relying on digital storytellers to convey their stories. Graduates of our programme are now professional media makers, either in their own media production companies, as content specialists for larger organizations or creating their own artistic stories for an online audience.

If you have any questions, please contact Pieter Blomme who is the programme’s coordinator.

This postgraduate programme is a collaborative initiative of KASK & Conservatorium and Chase Academy.


Dries Depoorter
Kenny Deus
Lucas Dewulf
Isabeau Doucet
Annelies Droesbeke
Filip Fastenaekels
Celien Feys
Nicolas Grootjans
Kyrill Hartog
Daniil Lavrovski

Eveline Lemahieu
Azaam mazoumzadeh
Klasien van de Zandschulp
& Mark Meeuwenoord
Eva Moeraert
Catherine Ongenae
Maria Laura Raia
Raphael Rodan
Reinout Roose
Arjan Scherpenisse

Khael Touag
Tom van Haute
Nathalie van Raemdonck
Philippe Verkinderen
Lance Weiler
Simon Wilkinson
& Myra Appannah
Clo Willaerts



APR 23, 2023 / 10:00 – 17:00


JUN 24, 2023 / 09:30 – 12:30
SEP 02, 2023 / 09:30 – 12:30

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Register via webreg.hogent.be.
You will then receive the necessary instructions to complete your enrollment. Everything can be done online.

Do you have a question about the registration process? Contact the student’s office.
Do you have a question about the programme? Contact pieter.blomme@hogent.be


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