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Can art save man from technology? A philosophical analysis of media art

  • Onderzoekers: Robrecht Vanderbeeken
  • Promotoren: Hans Op De Beeck (School of Arts), Christel Stalpaert (Ghent Universiteit, dept. Art, Music and Theatre Studies)

2007 – 2013

This postdoctoral research project aims to propose a philosophical analysis of the creative and critical potential of media art. These artistic experiments using technology combine multiple meanings of the qualification ‘hybrid’:

(1) They blend all manner of media, genres and art forms.
(2) They confront the virtual (digital) and the real (the day-to-day and the public)
(3) They are explicitly aimed at the interface between art and science (e.g. the so-called post-phenomenology), between art and politics (e.g. hacktivism), between art and design (e.g. creative industries), etc.

This raises a number of questions to be dealt with:
- Could playfully experimenting with new technologies not be a way to open up and democratize technology?
- Does media art offer a laboratory which evokes a radically new form of research and knowledge?
- To what extent does the hybrid quality of media art democratize the other artistic disciplines?
- And finally, does media art ultimately offer us a unique form of cultural critique?

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