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Her Voice: Artistic research into the potential of the sensory film image in alternative plot structures

  • Onderzoekers: Silvia Defrance
  • Promotoren: Raoul Servais (School of Arts), Christel Stalpaert (Ghent University, dept. Art, Music and Theatre Studies)

2006 – 2012

Can the possibilities of the electronic image transform the medium of film? Within the format of the video-log narrative structures will be examined through the use of new technologies such as the spy camera, text messages and e-mail on the one hand, and new animation techniques on the other hand. Research will focus on the possibility of a new audio-visual language to be conceived by incorporating the format and aesthetics of new digital media applied to artistic contents. It is not the intention of doing away with storytelling, but indeed to expand the notion of narrative, seeking new connections and narrative styles. As a theoretical framework, this project employs the aesthetic of intensities of French poststructuralist philosopher Gilles Deleuze, as it was proposed in his books on film Cinema 1: The Movement-Image (L’image-mouvement) (1983) and Cinema 2: The Time-Image (L’image-temps) (1985). Deleuze himself observed that an analysis of ‘New Images’ was beyond the scope of his project (Raessens, 2001, 73). Starting from this framework, this projects wishes to expand it and establish a link with new media. The works of Lev Manovich will be studied as a theoretical reference for new media. In all, this is a quest for structural innovation, for in a narrative world reigned by the clock, a world which, ultimately, turns out to be enclosed in itself, there is no room for actual transformation or any other way of life.

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