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The one-to-one relation in higher instrumental education: An ethnografic study

  • Onderzoekers: Ruth Rondas
  • Promotoren: Philip De Roeck (School of Arts), Marc Spoelders (Ghent University, dept. Pedagogy)

2006 – 2012

The one-on-one relationship between lecturer and student is a key concept in instrument and singing education. Although this intense relationship, rooted in the tradition of teacher and pupil, can at best yield skill, satisfaction, creativity and inspiration, it can also be cursory and harmful. Classes in instrument and singing education are a hidden and near-secret activity taking place behind closed doors, making the teaching and learning processes opaque. The particularity of this research group (instrument teachers and students) demands a certain approach between researcher and participant, establishing an intense relationship. Hence, a qualitative research set-up is chosen, as a mere quantitative approach is, as we feel, insufficient to reveal the nuances and complexities of this particular form of education. Specifically, this means that the researcher will carry out prolonged observations of several lecturers at the Faculty of Music and Drama. Additional informal talks and in-depth interviews with both lecturers and students will provide extra data, eventually enabling us to draw up a number of portraits of lecturers. This project wishes to examine and chart the different perspectives on the one-on-one teaching and learning relationships in the Faculty of Music and Drama. A number of international researchers have previously conducted research into this relationship in (higher) instrument and singing education, and the results of their inquiries clarify several aspects of it. One of their findings states that lecturer participation in the inquiry provides them with instruments to make didactic and agogic questions and problems more explicit, and to chart them. This may give rise to a demand of didactic and pedagogic professionalization.

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