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04.03—06.03.20    Baby - Masterproef van Arne De Tremerie Campus Bijloke - Filmstudio drama

Baby is de masterproef van Arne De Tremerie.

Let’s play paradise
          Eyes closed?
Eyes closed
          Ok I start
You start
          I open the door and we go in

Everybody has a love story.
And every love story is different.
Universal and individual at the same time.

Two people start to build a world together
and give birth to their very own truth.

They dance their way through other people’s stories
and search for the friction in the/their fiction
on to the in between.

Would you still love me if we made a play about it?

Van & met: Arne De Tremerie en Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven | Met dank aan: Lies Pauwels, Dirk De Brauwer, Elise Bundervoet, Loes Swaenepoel, Jo De Tremerie, Wannes Cools, Jan Steen, Bardia Mohammad, Fabrice Delecluse, Marie Lamberechts, Charles D’hont, Bob Mees, Karel Roels, Tom Lefebvre

De voorstelling speelt op:

  • KASK Drama
  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, gratis mits reservatie