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11.02.19—20:00    Bobby Sparks Club Telex concert

God created music, and it was good. God created Bobby Sparks, II, and he too, was good. Since the merger of God, Bobby Sparks II and music, it has been ALL GOOD! A versatile musician of drums, a little bass guitar and primarily keyboards, Bobby plays all kinds of music. In addition to playing for Kirk Franklin for 20 years, he has worked with other musical giants such as Prince, Herbie Hancock..... Sparks provides music for radio and television commercials, including Tyra Banks` Top Model reality television show.  He also assisted Kirk Franklin in producing the sound track for the movie, Kingdom Come as well as worked on the soundtrack for the The Prince of Egypt. He is a gifted producer with many projects to his credit including the “NuNation” project by Kirk Franklin for which he received a Grammy certificate as co-producer and another one for the "Hello Fear" record, as well as a Grammy for Fred Hammond's "Free To Worship"record...

  • Paddenhoek 12, 9000 GENT,