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07.02.19—20:30    Donbass (Sergey Loznitsa, 2018, 110’) KASKcinema film

The increasing act of football supporters collectively turns the language into a tool of fear, playing in a turbulent boundary between war and sound. The project aims to explore the sound and the language in the social context as a manifestation of power and identity. All the fears are vanished inside the crowd. The affect of a growing stress in a social sphere increasingly shapes an environment that leads to the formation of the crowd. The aim of the research is to understand what happens when we try to rebuild the awareness of this violent dialogue between different factions, using the semantic generation capacity of a neural network. The obtained results are new lyrics, new chants, new semiotic elements composed by a machine that conserves a certain human presence.

  • Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 GENT, €5/3