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12.11—13.11.18    Masterclass Steve Coleman Club Telex en Gebouw Paddenhoek masterclass

Steve Coleman en zijn band zijn tijdens de projectweek te gast bij studenten jazz, pop en muziekproductie. Hij geeft twee masterclasses.

  • 12.11.18 – 10:00-12:00
    Club Telex: Steve Coleman & band
  • Dinsdag 13/11 10:00-13:00
    Club Telex: ritmesectie
    Studio 2.13: Steve Coleman (voor blazers en zanger)

Workshop theme: The Eagle and The Lark

These workshops will focus on the concept of spontaneous composition. I am referring to the tradition of the great musicians of this century, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane etc. The emphasis will be on voice-leading (melodic, rhythmic and harmonic) and creativity. Together with the members of my ensemble, there will more of a focus on ensemble demonstrations and communication among group members, as well as focusing on the functions of the different instruments. At all times creativity and communication will be stressed.
Exactly what will be discussed will depend on the level of the musicians present, however the classes will move at a relatively advanced level and move at a brisk pace. These are not  beginning classes. However beginners can benefit by listening and taking notes, and in general musicians should be prepared to take notes. There will be no material sent to the students in advanced.
These definitely will not be jam-session style music clinics. Musicians should definitely have their instruments at all times, but the focus will be on concepts, not on jamming and playing long improvisations. Many of the demonstrations will be done by myself and the group of musicians that I have working with me. Those looking for a jam session should not attend.
The focus of the workshops is on how to initiate the creative process. Emphasis will be placed on some techniques for how to begin to merge the intuitive and logical faculties. A useful analogy is the fable of 'The Eagle and The Lark' (drawn from the book of the same title by Bernadette Brady)...

  • Jazz, pop en muziekproductie
  • Paddenhoek 12, 9000 Gent, €10 / gratis voor studenten Conservatorium