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22.04—27.04.14    Masterprojecten #20: Margré Steensma Zwarte Zaal glazen gang expo

In de glazen gang aan de Zwarte Zaal wordt op regelmatige basis werk getoond van masters multimediale vormgeving, vrije kunsten, fotografie en grafisch ontwerp onder de noemer Masterprojecten of MAP. Masterprojecten#20 toont werk van Margré Steensma (master vrije kunsten) onder de titel 'All I want with my life is to be a housewife'.

'I'll iron your clothes
I'll shine your shoes
I'll make your bed
And cook your food '

lyrics from 'By your side' - Coco Rosie

"My domestic installations are drenched in the desire to create the perfect home, the desire to be at home and are themselves a homage to the process of homemaking. In 'All i want with my life is to be a housewife' you are invited into my fascination, that for every 'home problem' there is the perfect product, whether it be that ideal space saving solution or the never ending search for that domestic appliance that fits your personality. With these thoughts i am opening up my home to you, to present ‘Custom Kitchen’ and ‘Pieces of my Garden’." - MS

Tentoonstelling: 22 t/m 27 april 2014
Receptie: 24 april 2014 om 19u.
Samen met Toonmoment 3de Bachelor Beeldhouwkunst in de Zwarte Zaal
Doorlopend open

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, gratis