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15.01—17.01.20    Smells Like Dialogue: A Circus Symposium Vooruit en Zwarte Zaal onderzoeksymposium

The Circus Dialogues invites you to a dynamic, open-minded gathering at the junction of artistic circus practice and critical theory. Smells Like Dialogue: A Circus Symposiumis a three-day symposium with two exciting guest speakers, a book presentation of the brand new Thinking Through Circusand lots of room for polyphonic dialogue. How and what does circus think? In what way is circus (also) a practice of thought? With these questions as a point of departure, let’s get talking! Smells Like Dialogue: A Circus Symposium takes place during Smells Like Circus, a cross-disciplinary festival hosted by Vooruit and Circuscentrum. It will be possible to both attend the symposium and to seemost of the shows playing at the festival.