Inne Eysermans © Jurgen Delnaet

18.03.24, 14:00, Katharina Smets & Inne Eysermans

Herculeslab invites Katharina Smets (audio maker, researcher) and Inne Eysermans (amatorski, sound artist) to KASKcinema. They will give a lecture/performance on the attitude of the (audio) documentary maker.

What is real listening and what might be its consequences? In her live audio-essay, Katharina Smets illustrates her journey from an autobiographical narrator to an invisible director and back again. She is looking for an open and transformative dialogue between the ‘I’ of the maker and the ‘You’ of the interviewee, between the final work and the listener. She shifts from a focus on the 'I' to an openness towards the 'You', while experimenting with different approaches. She shares the realities of her intimate life, but realises that perhaps more imagery can bring her closer to the truth. She learns that journalism is not the same as feigned objectivity, that ethical journalism can save us from an egocentric focus on ourselves. The performance is based on Katharina’s PhD research on the attitude of the audio documentary maker.

Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
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