Cover DE-AD (2022) © Wim Cuyvers

14.12.23, 19:00, Wim Cuyvers

Wim Cuyvers talks about his books.

In recent decades, Wim Cuyvers (°1958) has been active as an architect, teacher, writer, essayist and forester, among other things. The relation of literature/architecture, the concept of 'public space' and Bataille are some of his fascinations. He also realised artistic interventions in exhibition contexts and as a teacher, in walks with students, he investigated urban conditions in Sarajevo, Tirana, Brazzaville and Kinshasa, among others. For more than 10 years, Cuyvers has been 'building' Montavoi-x/es, a receptive outdoor space and refuge place, in the Jura. In this lecture, he will discuss all the publications he has made or collaborated on so far, including Wim Cuyvers/Marc De Blieck (2002), Tekst over Tekst (2005), L'Autre (2020), and DE-AD (2022). Since 2020, Wim Cuyvers has been an 'affiliated artist' at the Frans Masereel Centrum.

free, the lecture will be in Dutch
organised as part of the graphic design master programme
auditorium Servais
Cloquet building
campus Bijloke
Louis Pasteurlaan 2,
9000 Gent