Brief but nevertheless overlong history of the Kitty Kitsch Kingdom

People with even the slightest interest in the history of unhappily abbreviated blitz matriarchates need not be told. For a single eventful week in March 2023, the Kitty Kitsch Kingdom ruled the Tekenkabinet and environs with plenty of glitter and blushing bunnies. There were no citizens, but many people traveling through who en passant came to pay homage to a trio of monarchs: Ellen Dhondt (master of painting KASK & Conservatorium), Katinka Bassleer (master of painting LUCA) and Lize Maekelberg (alumna of painting and LUCA textile programme). 

In the beginning, it was Her Worshipful Lowliness Katinka who set up the Kitty Kitsch franchise. With that, the self-proclaimed balls bitch rolled out a red rose-lined rainbow runner for her two future co-sovereigns. Indeed, enraptured by the same overly colorful visual bounty, they soon forged plans to establish an empire, oh let’s say, more tasteless than advertising for dog barbers and more ephemeral than any children’s craze. An empire where childhood memories of unsuspecting princess play, consumer aesthetics and the dark side of useful splendor would mingle into a generous serving of overexcitement. 

Impressions from the Kitty Kitsch Kingdom

Alas! Against all regulations, it turned out not to be all rosy. The steel frame of the castle rattled roughly on the royal bumper cart as it was transported, beating the regal eardrums more than such people care to endure. Furthermore, the hastily brought in bottles of cheap vodka at the first festive ball at the palace were too few in number for the many thirsty throats. For, yes, the plebeian masses had flocked from all corners in order to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. So it was fortunate that the golden floor, although of inferior quality, proved to withstand the jubilant grimy feet of the present proles. A ban on footwear and a sweaty pile of sneakers and heels at the gate didn’t help matters. 

In the end, everyone returned satisfied. The state portrait of the flying Dumbo, the tribally decorated window grilles and gaudy banners had by no means missed their effect. But then again, pretty songs don't last long. After a week already this fine story was over. Bye-bye.