film still: Hannes Verhoustraete

18.06.24, 16:00, Doctoral defense Hannes Verhoustraete, Hegemony and historiography

On 18 June, Hannes Verhoustraete, artistic researcher at KASK & Conservatoire, will defend his doctorate to obtain the title Doctor of Arts. On behalf of the candidate and his promoters, Dr. Jasper Rigole (HOGENT - KASK & Conservatorium) and Prof. Dr. Berber Bevernage (UGent), we would like to invite you to this occasion. 

The public defense will start at 16:00 in auditorium Servais on Campus Bijloke. Afterwards, you are welcome to attend the reception. Please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to

The day before, the two films that are part of the PhD project will be screened at KASK Cinema — at 18:00 Un pays plus beau qu'avant (2019, 67') and at 20:00 Broken View (2023, 75'). On 18 June, Broken View will be screened again after the reception at 20:00. 

Hegemony and historiography: the documentary film essay as palimpsest

How can the past be approached in a cinematic way, as a series of problems to do with the composition of images, sounds and words in a film form? How does historical research relate to the sensory? What happens to the appearances we perceive, process in body and mind to reconfigure them through representational registers that we hope resonate with others? I envisioned the film essay as the space within which I would explore these questions. Rather than trying to theorize the essay, historiography or hegemony, I decided to approach them from my practice as a filmmaker – filming and writing essays. I departed from the practical exploration of a poetics that seeks to break away from the forms that have hitherto been instrumental in establishing and advancing hegemonies, their monopoly on the historical narrative and the representation of society in the present and past. I was primarily concerned with the form in which ideas and history appear to us through the senses, the problem of representing worlds that are no longer there, of ideas that have no body of their own.

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