Het Collectief, photo: Eduardus Lee

24.01.24, 20:00, Het Collectief

Unintentional or not, music is full of intertextual links. In his ‘Fremde Szenen’, Wolfgang Rihm makes a conscious attempt to restore the bewilderment of Schumann’s first audiences. By transposing certain archetypically Schumannesque motifs into a twentieth-century tonal language, he reveals formerly unheard resonances between the old and new. Schoenberg’s ‘Verklärte Nacht’ also ties in with the composer from Saxony. As in his first trio, the work starts sombre in d minor and ends blissful in D major. Or as the underlying poem by Richard Dehmel puts it: above the cold and barren grove shimmers the lofty, luminous night.

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