08.12.23, 20:00, Brass ensembles of KASK & Conservatorium, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and Conservatorium Antwerpen

La Fanfare Wagnerienne & Les Synthétistes

In 1894 François-August Gevaert founded the Fanfare Wagnérienne to learn to play the new Wagnertubas for the historical performance of Wagner’s Das Rheingold. Since no repertoire yet existed for this new form of orchestra, composers such as Paul Gilson and August De Boeck were sought out to do their bit. When seven of Gilson’s students gathered together in the composers collective Les Synthétistes during the interwar period, they inherited their master’s love of wind music. The result is a unique collection of modern repertoire for large brass ensemble, here performed by the combined forces of students from KASK & Conservatorium, and the Brussels and Antwerp Conservatories.


Paul Gilson (1865-1942)
– Variations symphoniques

August De Boeck (1865-1937)
– Fantaisie

Gaston Brenta (1902-1969)
– Fanfare héroique (Pro Libertate Mortuis)

René Bernier (1905-1984)
– Epitaphe

Paul Gilson (1965-1942)
– Scherzo Fantastique

i.c.w. Royal Conservatory of Brussels made possible by the Alliance Fund.
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