30.11.17, 20:00, Lezing: Armand Mevis

Armand Mevis (1963, Oirsbeek, NL) established his office for graphic design together with Linda van Deursen (1961, Aardenburg, NL) in 1987 in the Dutch Capital after having graduated at the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. They have been influential in the development of contemporary Dutch design and are known for their intelligent and innovative work for cultural clients.

Mainly active within the cultural sector – for museums, galleries, theatres, art book publishers or artists – Mevis & Van Deursen have played a critical role in Dutch graphic design because of their unique approach: They act as authors and editors, rather than as service providers, working in a correspondingly conceptual manner. Their thought provoking and controversially discussed survey Recollected Works, published in 2005, is a proof of this.

Out of their thirty years of collaboration, an insight will be given into the work they have created over the past years for, among others, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the MCA Chicago, and Documenta 14.