08.12.17, 15:00, Lieven Martens Moana & Dennis Tyfus

In the slipstream of the concert organised by Lizzy Vandierendonck, student animation film, together with Kraak, we invite their guests, Lieven Martens Moana & Dennis Tyfus, for an artist lecture in the Media Arts Studio.

Lieven Martens Moana (formerly Dolphins Into The Future) is seeking for a thorough aestheticism of the impression. Using analogue and digital recording techniques, he
creates an experimental form of music that refers to ethnomusicology and sound art, collage and modern classical composition. Resulting in a very contemporary dialect, driven by a narrative. Over the past few years he has been performing all over the globe. From Mexico City, to Tokyo, Niigata, Lisbon, Lecce, Honolulu, and Brussels.

Martens also runs a private press on which he releases records and books in limited editions; and he has been writing commissioned music for ensemble, for the national radio, for a commercial and for
art exhibitions. He recently has been collaborating with fellow artists like Francesco Cavaliere, Roman Hiele (as Hiele Martens), Floris Vanhoof, Spencer Clark and Mia Prce (aka Miaux).

Dennis Tyfus is a Belgian visual artist, radio producer, graphic designer, musician and publisher. He lives and works in Antwerp and is represented by Pinkie Bowtie. He founded with Ultra Eczema one of the most essential record labels for weirdo and outsider avant-garde sound. Tyfus is a tireless sleeper who, in addition to more than 225 Ultra Eczema releases (as records by Wolf Eyes, Daniel Padden of Volcano The Bear and Floris Van Hoof, books, paintings, sweaters, …) organises countless shows and events in places such as Scheld’apen, Gunther and Stadslimiet and exhibits worldwide as Vom Grill. On occasions, often as part of a concert or an exhibition, Dennis Tyfus puts 'No Choice Tattoos’. These are tattoos where the voluntary 'victim' has no say over the nature of the image to be tattooed by Tyfus, only about the location on the body. Typhus improvises the tattoo on the spot.

The presentations will be in English and are free.

Kraak en Lizzy Vandierendonck