22.01.24, 19:30, Matangi Quartet

The versatile Matangi quartet has a quarter of a century of experience. A jubilant year, which should be put to good use. How about Samuel Barber’s only string quartet, for instance. ‘It’s a knockout’ he wrote about the slow movement. And he was right. Time-out then, brought to you by British composer Jonathan Dove. ‘Out of time’ is a lively mosaic, sometimes frisky, sometimes pensive. Matangi finishes up with that other greatness of the genre: Herr Beethoven. With his second quartet from the famous series he composed at the behest of Count Razumovsky, he puts a fitting exclamation mark behind a dazzling evening.

free for all students of HOGENT
and staff of KASK & Conservatorium
Biezekapelstraat 9
9000 Gent