27.11.23, 19:00, Ralph Van Raat & Mirek Coutigny

Minimale klankschappen

19:00 Ralph Van Raat
20:30 Mirek Coutigny

‘Few notes’ does not necessarily indicate ‘scarcity of notes’. ‘Repetitive’ is anything but synonymous with ‘monotonous’. ‘Minimalism’ is indeed a quite an elastic concept. This pianist Ralph Van Raat knows all too well. He combines the rhythmically driven Phrygian Gates of John Adams’ early years with the rather meditative Scandinavian stillness of Arvo Pärt. Similarly, Mirek Coutigny aspires to an ambivalent ambient aesthetic. His latest electro-acoustic album is called Through Empty Landscapes and New Beginnings. The originally classically trained pianist takes that title seriously, as he pulls the plug on it – fortunately only literally. In an unexpected plot twist, he arranged his music back to piano trio, an instrument combination that was very dear to his heart during his student years.


John Adams (1947)
– Phrygian Gates

Mirek Coutigny
– Through Empty Landscapes and New Beginnings

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