It’s an anthology of 8 beat compositions that is highly electronic in design yet consist of not one synthetic sound. Driven by the authenticity of the ‘natural’ human driven sound from tangible objects such as wood, rubber, plastic... these ‘real’ textures serve as the molecular basis of these peculiar dance tracks.

It’s his synthesis of the very physical and acoustic world of improvised music timbres colliding into the realm of electronic dance music and it’s 40 years of sequencer-influenced beat vocabulary.

HHIT is a drum computers most poetic burnout.

“A celebration of the expressive and transportive potential of beat-based instrumentals by Belgian drummer Lander Gyselinck. The vocabulary of dance and electronic music finds a new expression in an acoustic setting ... A true ‘disleksikon’: a dis-anthology, a vocabulary for a new language.”

Hihats In Trees or HHIT is a solo project by Belgian drummer / producer Lander Gyselinck (STUFF., BeraadGeslagen, LABtrio...) and is part of a Phd in Arts at KASK & Conservatorium/HOGent. It focusses on the influences of diverse beat cultures in an instrumental, non-synthetic environment.

published by Paxico Records
PX 064
9,49 euro (sold out)