Into Thin Air met mint park

Media art students took part in an intensive 6-day workshop with internationally renowned sound artist Mint Park, as part of OORtreders Festival 2022. The participants worked on-site in The Sound Forest around sound art in public space, with the sound of 'air' as the central theme.

SITE SPECIFICS 2022 focused on air and the soundscape in relation to site-specific sound creation in the environment of Het Klankenbos. In group, participants developed different methodologies and approaches to uncover the invisible textures created by wind and air shifts. At the same time, they zoomed out to the wider sound structures in the environment, where humans and nature coexist.

Participants created listening exercises, made field recordings and build small instruments to discern specific patterns or features in the soundscape of the environment. In this way, they had the opportunity to harness the ever-changing relationship between different environmental sounds as a starting point for site-specific sound creation. The workshop worked towards a public presentation on Sunday morning 23 October as part of the OORtreders festival.

Mint Park

Mint Park is an electronic musician and new media artist originally from South Korea and based in Amsterdam. Her sound-driven practice explores space, texture and natural phenomena. She is interested in intermediate stages and intermediate forms, in ambiguity and the ambivalent. Her work often takes the form of electronic music, audiovisual installations and performances, and the design of interfaces or instruments.