MASTERWORKS collects the graduation projects of students in jazz, pop and music production at KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT – Howest). The album release is part of Graduation, the annual presentation of Bachelor and Master projects.


  1. There’s No Room For Us To Dance
    Composed by: Naomi Bentein
    Produced by: Naomi Bentein
    Band: FAK
  2. Rootless
    Composed by: Nicolas Delépine
    Produced by: Nicolas Delépine
    Band: Tyger
  3. Don’t go down with me
    Composed by: Stef Lenaerts
    Produced by: Stef Lenaerts
  4. Charlie
    Composed by: Tom Soetaert
    Produced by: Tom Soetaert


  1. I Just Said Hi
    Composed by: Jussi De Nys
    Produced by: Jussi De Nys
    Band: YUNNAN
  2. Do What They Say
    Composed by: Joren Cautaers
    Produced by: Joren Cautaers
  3. Into the Wild
    Composed by: Anne Van Steenwinkel
    Produced by: Anne Van Steenwinkel
  4. Tangled
    Composed by: Michaël Verlinden
    Produced by: Michaël Verlinden