MASTERWORKS collects the graduation projects of students in jazz, pop and music production at KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT – Howest). The album release is part of Graduation, the annual presentation of Bachelor and Master projects.


  1. De masterproef
    by Sgu Sgu / Wouter Van Asselbergh
  2. It’s ok
    by Willem Alexander Langlet
  3. Ask me now – Thelonious Monk
    by Warre Van De Putte
  4. Maria Lichtmis
    Written by Robbe Desmet
    Engineered by Jérôme Pringiers
  5. Angels
    by Promis3 / Andras Vleminckx


  1. Sunday
    recorded, mixed, arranged and music by Mathijs Steels
  2. BK&T
    by Fenix
  3. Flow
    composed by Melissa van der Veeken
    engineered by Mattias Hendrikx 
  4. Barrow Sarrow
    by Werend Van Den Bossche
  5. Road to Tibet
    by Mondingo / Domien Cnockaert


  1. Bambooz
    by Radja Ravi / Frank James
  2. Real Cats / Renaud De Bruyne
    by Shore Shot
  3. Space camp
    by Alexander De Baedts
  4. Maestoso
    written, performed & produced by RAMAN
  5. Oh no
    by Partners / James De Graef


  1. Wending
    by Suura / Nicolas Van Belle
  2. Hagström
    by UMM / Lise Daelemans
  3. Repeat
    by Clear Season / Jonas Detavernier
  4. Circles
    by Wolf Trio / Marjan Van Rompay
  5. Kika
    by Hosha / Marcos Della Rocha
  6. Als Een krekel In Frankrijk
    by Brent Beukelaer / Brent Cliquet