Quelques Corps Favorables takes as its conceptual and material starting point an encounter with the private library of French artist and writer Hervé Guibert, whose book collection has been preserved at the Paris home of his executor since his 1991 death from AIDS. The project imagines alternative approaches to art historiography and the forging of queer kinship bonds through the design of participatory, community-generating gestures involving epistolary actions, performative museum visits across Europe, and the creation of a series of artistic audio guides.

Portrait of Hervé Guibert and his library , Jacques Robert Gallimard Gallimard, 1986
View of Quelques Corps Favorables, postcard audio work, Ystad Konstmusem, 2022
Documentation of postcards recollected through Nemer’s research process
Photograph of Guibert’s library taken during a research visit by Nemer in 2017
Documentation of elaborative material received through Nemer’s research process
Postcards created for Nemer’s research action at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2021
Participatory research action at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2021
View of research exhibition exhibition, Fondation Fiminco, Paris, 2021
Portrait of Nemer with recollected postcards, Philippe Galanopoulous Galanopoulous, 2022
Still life of floral and paper ephemera related to Nemer’s research, 2022

Several Favourable Bodies

Hervé Guibert’s Postcards as Agents of Queer Kinship
project team
Benny Nemer
21.03.2022 – 20.03.2028
queer history, AIDS, kinship, postcards, epistolary, participation, LGBTQ, archives