There are research opportunities at KASK & Conservatorium for new researchers and for teaching colleagues, for younger and for more experienced researchers. Our research is conducted in several types of projects.

two- to four-year research projects

In two- to four-year research projects our lecturers can explore questions that arise from artistic practice or from the theoretical context of the arts. In many of these projects they do so together with external partners and researchers, but whether a project is individual or conducted with a small team, whether its prime focus is practice-based or theoretical, one of its ambitions is always to enrich the school’s pedagogical programmes. Project proposals can only be submitted by school faculty, after an internal call.

doctoral research

Doctoral research in the arts offers artists and designers with a substantially developed practice the opportunity to engage in a six-year deep-dive research project centred on their own practice. Artistic practice suggests the research questions and methodologies and is at the core of the discursive work that the researcher will submit, together with new creations, to a jury, and share with peers.

Project proposals can only be submitted after an open call.

There is no call for applications.

postdoctoral research

Holders of a PhD in the Arts can continue their research track in a six-year postdoctoral project. It is again the researcher’s own artistic or design practice that is at the heart of the project, allowing artists-researchers to create both artistic and discursive works to be shared with peers, students, and the field, in the interaction between practice, context and reflection.

Project proposals can only be submitted after an open call.

There is no call for applications.

research credit

After a successful research track, senior KASK & Conservatorium researchers can be eligible for a research credit or research lectorate. These are granted after internal calls.

Research credit
Internal call
Deadline: 21.06.24
Submit dossier with katrien.vuylstekevanfleteren@hogent.beMAIL

Research lectorate (30%)
Deadline: 17.06.24


Practice-based scientific research (PWO) at KASK & Conservatorium is conducted at the multidisciplinary research centre Futures through Design. The centre’s expertise encompasses landscape and gardening architecture, interior design, geography and biology, product development, philosophy, and digital design and development.