The WiSH research project examines the quality of housing and living environments in Flemish social housing districts. 

Why WiSH? 

The project contributes to solving a partial problem within the current housing crisis. Besides access to and affordability of rental housing on the private and social housing market, its quality is an aspect that deserves attention through research. The intention is to arrive at a more conscious and practical policy to organise social housing in a quality manner. 


There is a knowledge gap on how quality of housing and living environment is perceived by residents, especially in Flemish social housing districts. Based on three concrete case studies, residents are closely involved in this research. 


The courses in real estate, social work and landscape and garden architecture join forces for this research project. These newly accumulated knowledge and insights form a cross-fertilisation with educational practice. 

Co-creative Housing companies, civil society and local and supra-local authorities are also closely involved in the design, construction and management of social housing projects as key stakeholders. The active involvement of all stakeholders in this research benefits the quality of the study and research result. 

Policy influencing

With this study, we aim to contribute to the vision and organisation of social housing in Flanders from local and supra-local policy perspectives. 

WiSH is a research project of the Sustainable Space Use and Mobility research centres, eCO-CITY and Futures through Design.


Woon- en omgevingskwaliteit in Sociale Huisvestingswijken in Vlaamse centrumsteden
project team
Koen Van Damme, Anna Barborini, Marlies Marreel, Minke Labarque, Elke Denys, Nathan Hermans, Pieter Foré
Sven De Visscher, Annick Verstraete
23.09.2019 – 24.09.2023
gefinancierd door
HOGENT PWO-projecten multidisciplinair