29.03.24, 14:30, Archives in Dialogue, Episode 2

The second episode of Archives in Dialogue invites the members of the Victor Jara collective — Lewanne Joes, Ray Kril, Susumu Tokunow, Terry Roopnaraine — a film collective from Guyana that has produced just two films. Their work stands as an example of a politically committed and formally radical approach to documentary filmmaking, influenced by the New Latin American and Third Cinema movements as well as the theories of Soviet montage.

The dialogue is hosted by members of the Archival Sensations research cluster, and it aspires to bring further the conversation around politics, poetry and cinema. Thinking of ‘unarchiving’ archives to reconstruct collective histories and intersections with transnational solidarities. The dialogue comes as a reflection on the 16mm screening of the collective’s first film The Terror and the Time as part of Courtisane 2024.

i.c.w. Courtisane Festival
film studio
Louis Pasteurlaan 2,
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