24.01.24, 20:30, Bad Black (2016)

Adepts of Ugandan action cinema, rejoice. After Who Killed Captain Alex (2012), we are once again preparing our auditorium for Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana's martial arts sledgehammer beats (Nabwana I.G.G. for friends). In this SUPA ACTION adrenaline shot, Nabwana proves that he is the devil-does-all of DIY cinema. Made on a small yet powerful budget, Bad Black models wanton spectacle out of limited resources. Shot and edited in his makeshift film studio on the outskirts of the Ugandan capital, Nabwana's films are community projects where the neighbourhood battles Hollywood with scrap metal, hand-painted sets and bricolaged green screens.

When a young girl murders a notorious gang leader, she is given the title of Bad Black. Her vendetta with the Kampala underworld has her cross paths with an idealistic doctor and his mentor: "a no-nonsense ghetto kid named Wesley Snipes". Bad Black proves once again that passion and talent win out over big capital. Nabwana slyly plays with the conventions of the genre and manages to blend cinephile winks, craftsmanship and hand-held fight choreography into a dazzling opera of violence.

Nabwana I.G.G., 2016, Uganda, 68’
English spoken, not subtitled
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent