13.12.23, 20:30, Bloodbeat (1983)

Fabrice-Ange Zaphiratos, VS, 87', English spoken, not subtitled

Gather cosily around the screen of KASKcinema's ersatz light festival to celebrate Christmas like the weird cult that it is. Weird Wednesday, the drunk uncle among theme nights, descends on rural Wisconsin, birthplace of Jeffrey Dahmer, and with it the only supernatural samurai Christmas slasher in film history for the time being: Bloodbeat. No necking under the mistletoe, but swinging the katana when a clairvoyant amateur painter must take on the ghost of a Japanese warrior. According to director-screenwriter Fabrice-Ange Zaphiratos, the title refers to the increased heart rate when under influence.

Not surprisingly, considering he himself was quite high while crafting this patient oddity within the rural horror genre. More outrageous than the worst knitted Christmas jumper and filmed in a square television format, simply because the cinematographer misunderstood that Bloodbeat was intended for cinema. Merrily hang your expectations next to the curiosity-stuffed Christmas socks, push logic back into the fireplace and feast on this crockpot of a cult film, spick and span in a digital restoration.

This film will be introduced by Kuru-Santa Tim Maerschand.

i.c.w. Kuru
Campus Bijloke
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