16.11.23, 20:30, Coeur Fidèle (1923)

Marie is exploited by her adoptive parents as a waitress in their bar in the port of Marseille. Her feelings for dockworker Jean ease the heavy burden on her shoulders, especially when Jean reciprocates her love. However, their relationship proves too good to be true when Marie is forced by her parents to marry Petit Paul, an alcoholic regular at the bar. Jean follows the couple to their abode and the men fight over Marie's love at a fair. When Jean loses the fight and Marie becomes pregnant by Petit Paul, it seems like the end of the story for the two lovers. However, all is permitted in love and war.

Jean Epstein, known in part for his work as a film theorist, wanted to attract larger audiences with Coeur Fidèle by making a melodrama, even though stripped of all the conventions normally associated with the genre. "A film so sober and simple that it verges on the loftiness and excellence of tragedy," Epstein said. It took him as little as 1 night to pen down the screenplay.

This film will feature live accompaniment by musician Bart Maris and classical music students from KASK & Conservatorium.

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