23.05.24, 20:30, D.E.B.S. (2004)

Amy, a superstar spy so deep in the closet that the government recruits her deceptive powers, comes face to face with the sultry advances of Lucy Diamond, criminal mastermind in search of love. Angela Robinson's D.E.B.S. is camp, kitsch, ironic, subversive, and above all a textbook example of the lesbian subgenre sapphic movies that aren't period dramas and don't have sad endings. As a lesbian woman, Robinson wrote and directed the film with a lesbian audience in mind, much to the frustration of male film critics who did not know what to make of the film.

Twenty years later, D.E.B.S. has become a cult classic that yearns for the collective viewing experience of the big screen. No better starting shot for F*Q, a new film initiative with an intersectional feminist approach and a focus on queer media. The goal? To make room for the rich queer film history. Because F*Q the normative canon with a lack of space for everything that is not white, cis, straight, thin, able-bodied and male.

Angela Robinson, 2004, USA, 91'
English spoken, not subtitled

i.c.w. F*Q and Go BOOM
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