14.11.23, 20:30, Collectif Faire-Part

In June 2020, thousands of people took to the streets of Brussels to stand up against police brutality and institutional racism, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. For a while, it seemed that some protesters would take down the statue of colonial King Leopold II in a nearby square. For now, the statue is still standing, but an optimistic poet is already preparing her speech by the day it will be removed. Archive footage of colonial monuments arriving at a museum in Kinshasa is combined with a ceremonial text by poet Marie Paule Mugeni. The voiceover recounts the official removal of a colonial statue from Brussels as if it were scheduled for the following day. However, unlike in Kinshasa, there are so far no concrete plans for the statues' removal.

Collectif Faire-Part
is the search of four filmmakers (Anne Reijniers, Paul Shemisi, Nizar Saleh and Rob Jacobs) for a way to portray the city. By filming artistic performances in public spaces, they paint a provocative picture of Kinshasa and its relations with the rest of the world. With a triptych of short films: Speech For A Melting Statue, L'Escale and Faire-Part, we engage with the filmmakers.

In the presence of Collectif Faire-Part.

i.c.w. Film-Plateau & BAFF
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