30.09.21, 18:00, Finissage Orangerie

A group exhibition with Katya Ev, Tom Hallet, Niels Poiz, Marius Ritiu, and Mathieu Verhaeghe
Curated by Ekaterina Vorontsova

Orangerie takes as its starting point the architecture and history of Het Paviljoen and offers a space for the growth and flourishing of diverse aesthetics, ideas, and values. Originating from the Renaissance and the gardens of the Medici family, orangeries represent a unique work of artifice, a venue for hosting plants and arts, pleasure and enlightenment. Addressing the notion of orangerie as a metaphor, the project suggests exploration from the artistic perspective of such significant notions as preservation, care, control and coexistence.

Orangerie has started with the contributions by Tom Hallet and Marius Ritius and has grown gradually during the period between July and September 2021 with further artists joining throughout. The finissage of the exhibition will present the outgrowth of contributions, ideas and values developed by the participants within the three-month period of the Orangerie residency at Het Paviljoen.